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Jack The Docker

JackTheDocker puzzle game


Jack The Docker is a free puzzle game inspired by Sokoban.

The docker pushes crates around in a warehouse, trying to put them to storage locations.

But it cannot pull boxes.

The difficulty is variable, and, in some warehouses, Jack can easily get stuck.

Some flashing boxes are interconnected and allow teleportation.

Jack The Docker is a puzzle game whose goal is to put crates back in their place with the help of a pushing machine.

As mentioned at the beginning, the game is similar to a classic Sokoban, but has a number of constraints, movement possibilities, or additional difficulties due to the presence of other objects. For example, in some hangars, you will have to move crates from one room to another using teleportation.

But let us remember the basic rules:

The game ends when all the crates are placed in their slots. The main difficulty of the game is not to block the situation. This can happen when a crate is pushed into a square in a corner, for example, which does not correspond to a possible location.

During the course of the game, you may encounter trapdoors (to be avoided), teleportation boxes that allow you to move from one such box to another corresponding one, conveyor belts etc.

All the games offered are obviously solvable but have varying degrees of difficulty.

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