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The Right Math for Android

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06/18/2019, by J.-C. Colette

The Right Math

The Right Math is a classic puzzle game of calculation. We must find a given number, by performing elementary operations (addition, multiplication, division, subtraction) from six numbers. The application also contains a solver of the same game.

This game randomly chooses integers (6 numbers by default) and proposes another number that has been obtained from the previous ones by performing elementary arithmetic operations.

You must find this number by performing an appropriate sequence of arithmetic operations.

You are not limited in time, but you must solve each proposed game as quickly as possible.

There are many possible arrangements and you do not have to search on a case-by-case basis. One method is to determine divisors of the number to be obtained.
This game has the advantage of developing your mental calculation skills.

The application can also work in solver mode. All you must do is give it a certain number of integers and a result to obtain and the program gives you the order of the operations to perform.

If this is not possible, the program gives you a number as close as possible to the result.

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This application is a game that is for everyone, including children. It contains nothing that could offend the sensitivity of users.

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